Embrace the Chaos

What's that about?


My name is Jason Williams and I am the owner of Embrace the Chaos tattoos and piercings. I am originally from the small town of Pine in Arizona. In the late 90s I moved to Texas and shortly after graduating high school I joined the armed forces. After joining the USMC, I spent six years in the reserves here in Waco Texas. During 2007-2008 I was deployed in Iraq, and then deployed again to Afghanistan 2008-2009. In 2010-2013 I started doing contracting work for the Army and did a lot of traveling working at bases all over the United States. At the end 2013 I started doing contracting work in Afghanistan for the Army until 2017.

During my work I made several trips back home on leave and in 2014 I decided to get my first tattoo which was a EGA. That is when I met James Millen who did my first few tattoos and got me into the business. Our journey to opening a tattoo shop all started in 2016 as a drunken conversation. At the time it was a crazy idea, I knew nothing about the industry, but after doing some research decided this idea could really work. When I returned to Afghanistan to finish out my contract, I continued my research and started saving. At the end of 2017 I came home to Waco and we started working towards our plan of opening a tattoo shop. November of 2018 is when our dream finally became reality and we opened our shop, Embrace the Chaos. We have A great team of dedicated artists and a bright future in the tattoo industry.


Our Mission

At Embrace The Chaos our mission is to offer a place that not only does tattoos and piercings, but a place to get a little ink therapy. All of our staff at Embrace The Chaos have all been through chaotic times life has thrown at us. So we're the perfect place to go when you need someone to listen or relate to what you're going through, while getting a tattoo in a clean and professional environment. A tattoo is forever and we take the time to make sure all artwork matches our customers personal style, unique taste, and personality.

We strive to give and to raise money for our veterans, our first responders and our public servants. Every military or first responder tattoo receives 10% off all work done at our studio.