Taking Care of Your New Tattoo

The aftercare of your tattoo will greatly determine the way your tattoo will look once it has fully healed. We at Embrace the Chaos are not doctors and these guidelines are based on a combination of professional experience, common sense, practice, and research. This is not to be considered a substitute for medical advice from a doctor. If you suspect an infection or allergic reaction, consult a health care practitioner immediately.

Remember, each body is unique and healing times may vary. Always feel free to call the shop (254-420-7232) with any questions or concerns regarding the aftercare of your tattoo!


⦿ Follow artist instructions regarding Saniderm bandages; instructions may vary depending upon location of tattoo, profession, activity levels, and the likes.
⦿ Once the bandage is removed from the tattoo, wash your tattoo with warm water and soap (we recommend a liquid antibacterial soap like Dial Gold or any of the cleansers sold inside the shop). Pat dry with a clean paper towel. Apply a thin layer of ointment/lotion to your tattoo with clean hands; remove excess with clean, dry paper towel (We highly recommend the ointments/lotion sold within the shop, as it’s all created with healing fresh ink in mind. Only use unscented ointments/lotion on your new tattoo).
⦿ Wash tattoo twice daily or as needed if your tattoo is exposed to dirt, heavy sweating, or outside elements while healing and use ointment/lotion as needed to prevent dryness. It is fine to wash it in the shower or tub, but do not allow it to soak.
⦿ Do not pick or scratch at any scabbing; allow it to come off on its own. Scabbing usually flakes off in 7-10 days. Keep clean and continue to use ointment/lotion until healed.
⦿ Wear clean, loose clothing to protect your tattoo while healing.
⦿ Do not expose healing tattoo to sun, swimming, hot tubs, pools, unclean conditions, irritating clothing, or anything that may hinder healing for at least two weeks.
⦿ Once tattoo is healed, use high SPF sunblock when exposed to sun to prevent your ink from fading.