Meet Our Piercers


Kaitlynn Miller

My name is Kaitlynn Miller. I'm from "The rose city", Tyler Texas. I am 25 years old. My husband Chad Miller is a tattoo artist which is what sparked my career in piercing.

I've been in the industry since 2017, and my love for what I do has only grown stronger. I do all piercings from ear lobes to dermal anchors. My favorite piercing by far to do is the nipples. It's always a rush of adrenaline with each new piercing I do. I love how excited my clients get with each new piece of body bling.

I started Embrace The Chaos in late 2018 after my apprenticeship at Texas demographics. I love what I do, everyday is completely fun and everyday is something different. I never quit learning new techniques to make everyone's experience as painless as possible. Also I am a huge Rick and Morty fan as my room at Embrace The Chaos clearly screams.

My husband and I also breed Dogo Argentine and American Stafford-shire pit-bulls. Our newest member to our family is a puppy named Chaos after the shop.

View my work here.