Meet Our Tattoo Artists

Rissa Adamson

My name is Rissa Adamson and when it comes to my artistic career, it's been a bit of a lifelong gig. I grew up drawing on and with anything I could get my hands on, always helping friends with artistic projects and doing commissions to get myself through being an art major here in Waco at MCC. Due to a need for a change of pace and a bit of wanderlust, I ended up on the Mississippi gulf coast, in the Biloxi area. That's where I got my start a little tattooing over 2 years ago at a long-standing shop in the city, apprenticing under artists that have been in the industry for years. I learned so much there and will forever be grateful they took a chance on me!

After completing my apprenticeship and continuing to tattoo there for some time, life brought me back home to central Texas, which is how I ended up here at Embrace The Chaos. I'm excited to continue my tattooing journey making ink-related dreams come true here at home, surrounded by friendly faces and new clients!

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Shon "Bugsy" Johnson

A bit about me, My name is Shon “BUGSY” Johnson I have been in the tattoo industry for over 25 years. I am proficient in all tattoo styles. I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the greats in the industry over the years. I excel at a challenge, whether it be a cover up, a touch up or a custom piece, I truly believe, there is nothing too big or small that I can accomplish for my clients.

I have recently joined the amazing crew at Embrace the Chaos, where the old school vibe and new school work lives and breathes. Want a great tattoo- I look forward to exceeding all your tattoo needs.

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Chad Miller

My name is Chad Miller, I Am 27 years old. I’ve been tattooing since early 2018. I initially started my apprenticeship with Brad Conner and ending up finishing with James Millen and Shon Bugsy Johnson.

My inspiration for tattooing comes from my love for art. I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve surrounded myself with. My goals are to grow into an amazing tattoo artist and make a home for myself in this industry. My favorite style is Black and grey realism but I’m very versatile and also really enjoy watercolor. My mentors told me I was a prodigy and it took them three or more years for them to get where my artwork is in just a couple of short months. Surrounding myself with such a supportive and talented group of artists has helped me to succeed in my trade.

I am also a perfectionist and I am my own worse critic. I strive to learn more and grow with each piece I do. I spend hours watching videos and doing research before each new piece I design for my clients. I strive to learn more and grow with every piece I do.

I love my kids and my beautiful wife who also works at Embrace the Chaos, as a piercer. She is the one that keeps me together when everything seems to be falling apart. We have truly learned to "embrace the chaos", while making Waco our home. I am blessed to be able to leave my mark on the people here! Thanks for reading!

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Brandon Davenport

Bio coming soon.

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Eric Lopez

My name is Eric Lopez, I was born in the original “sin city” El Paso Texas. I am currently tattooing at Embrace the Chaos in Waco Texas. This shop is filled with talented artists in all tattoo categories, an amazing vibe, and a strong family base.

The first time I went to a tattoo convention I was immediately pulled into the industry, and the first time I picked up a tattoo machine at 18, I was hooked. I started my apprenticeship eight years ago under Matt Valles at Blue Panda Tattoo. In my last seven years of tattooing I have won multiple awards, and have placed in several different categories. My style can range anywhere from black and grey, to traditional, to color realism. My favorite style of tattoo is realism and animal portraits. The best part of what I do is seeing the excitement in my clients reaction after seeing the finished result of their tattoos. Its absolutely priceless.

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Jimmy Brown

My name is Jimmy Brown and I have been in the tattoo industry for the last 22 years. In 2016 I retired, but decided not to let my artistic hands go idle. I re-joined the tattoo world again in early 2019 and found a home at Embrace the Chaos tattoos and piercings in Waco Tx. Many of the artists at this shop I have worked along side of for many years at other shops in Waco tx. I have always considered them family, so there was no question in my decision to come back. I love doing all styles of tattoos from black in grey, to tribal to colorful cartoons and flowers. Most of my clients in the Waco area have never gotten work done by any of the other artists in and were excited to hear the news that I was coming out of retirement. Come in and check out my work and see what all the hype is about! Thankyou Waco Tx for your continuous love and support.

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David "Grasshopper" Handy

My name is David Handy, born and raised right here in Texas. Art lover, tattoo artist, painter, and defender of Earth, I’ve worked and trained all my life to get here. Being a self taught artist, it’s been quite the journey, but very much worth it. I love my craft and enjoy working with others to help bring their tattoo ideas into full fruition.

Over the span of my career, I’ve done it all, but as a huge fan of anime, horror, Sci-fi, comics, basically all things nerdy and wicked, I try to incorporate that into my tattoo work as much as possible.

Specializing in both black and gray, as well as color tattoos and always pushing myself to excel in both. From traditional style to portrait realism, I’m a fan of it all and love mixing different styles to create custom and dynamic pieces of skin art. The hunger and thirst for growth in my artwork will always be there and I’ve planted my roots here in Waco, Texas.

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Marcia "Mimi" Palermo

Bio coming soon.

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